There are so many dog tag shops out there, how do you know which one to make your purchase from? Why should you choose Copper Paws? I started thinking about this question and realized one thing: Not every shop is dedicated to conservation. 

Our Conservation Mission is to promote the conservation, education, and awareness of wildlife and their habitats, while giving pets and their people products that can withstand exploration of the planet. 

Our planet is special; resources are limited, disasters occur, and accidents happen. I want to give back to organizations that help prolong the life here on Earth. Life that can't speak for itself, someone has to represent the animals, the plants, and the seas, because we depend on them to survive. Nature is beautiful, and I want generations upon generations to be able to explore its depths. 

We have started a Conservation line of tags and necklaces that we hope will bring awareness to nature and the need to help save the planet.