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Shelby- Simple Style

My sister's dog, Shelby, has fallen very ill. After three visits to the vet in the last week, things are taking a turn for the worse. The vet has not given up yet, and neither have we. Here's what we know:
Shelby's red blood count is low, she's anemic and her immune system is attacking her blood. A healthy red blood cell count is around 37. On Monday the 26th, Shelby was at a 26. Today, Wednesday the 28th, they have fallen further to 19. The vet has given her an IV for dehydration because she's having upset bowel movements and she's very lethargic. She's struggling to hold her own weight up off the ground, and the normally excited-to-go girl couldn't even jump into the car today. The vet prescribed a new medication, and has scheduled another checkup for this coming Friday. If her red blood cell count has not risen, she will receive a blood transfusion. This could help her, or her body could reject it, there is no way to know.
Today they are doing x-rays to see if there is bleeding or masses on her spleen, as it is heavy with fluid. From this point on, it will be a battle. If we can get her through this, she will slowly be weaned off the medication, with routine follow up appointments to check in. 

At this point, we are still hopeful. My sister's funds are tight, and I've decided to design this tag and hold a fundraiser in honor of Shelby to help out with the vet bills incurred.

Shelby was a rescue, my sister adopted her about three years ago from a local adoption facility. She is a Border / Aussie mix. Her previous owners had to surrender her due to a bankruptcy, that's the story we were told. This dog turned my sister's life around. She was going through a very rough time, and Shelby was always there for her. When she was adopted, they told Courtney that she was between 4-6 years old. That was three years ago. I believe she still has life left to live, and I want to give her the chance to live it. I don't want my sister to feel like she can't give Shelby the best chance possible due to a lack of money; that guilt, that thought kills me. That's why I've put this fundraiser together.

SHELBY was designed in honor of my sister's dog, Shelby June.
The Sun: Shelby is the light of Courtney's life.
The Arrow: She's a fighter, I think she can get through this battle.
The Trees: Shelby loves the outdoors, she encourages Courtney to get outside and enjoy life's adventures.
The Squirrel: A specific to Shelby; She loves to chase squirrels.

For every SHELBY tag sold, $10 will go directly to the vet bills and care while she is in need. We're offering a promotion, when you buy the SHELBY tag you get an additional tag for 50% off; Just use the code SHELBY at checkout.

You can also donate directly to our Go Fund Me by clicking HERE!

Please keep Shelby and my sister, Courtney, in your thoughts and prayers.

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